Minggu, 03 April 2011


Manis kurasa jantung ini berdegup kencang ketika tak sanggup lagi menerima CahayaMu
Nafaspun berhela hikmat disetiap gerakan lidah yang bersenandung IndahMu.
Kedipan mata yang ikut merasakan simfoni fitrah itu
Bagaikan makanan lezat bagi orang-orang yang sedang kelaparan.
Bagaikan air dingin bagi para musafir di gurun pasir yang tandus.
Namun, tak merasa kenyang hingga mata inipun terpejam.
Dan tak melihat apa-apa selain Dia...
Apakah ada yang lebih nikmat dari ini?
Cukuplah Dia yang engkau harapkan menjadi ketenteraman bagimu
Karena hanya Dia Yang Mampu Menenteramkanmu
Dialah kekasihku, Kekasihmu, Kekasih kita...


Kepada kalian...

Maafkan aku, jika aku membuat hati kalian tidak terjaga...
Sehingga, sangat menggangu waktu-waktu berharga kalian...

Maafkan aku, jika sikapku dapat mengotori hati kalian...
Sehingga, membuat kalian terbayangi kehampaan...

Maafkan aku, jika karena aku pandangan kalian tidak terpelihara...
Sehingga, dapat menumpulkan ketajaman hati kalian...

Maafkan aku, jika ucapan aku, diri kalian menjadi rentan...
Sehingga, cenderung membuat kalian berharap...

Maafkan aku, jika caraku membuat fikiran kalian terbuai...
Sehingga, menjadikan kalian selalu bertanya-tanya...

Maafkan aku, jika karena aku kalian harus mengorbankan waktu-waktu penting kalian...
Sehingga, kalian menghisasi hari-hari dengan perbuatan sia-sia...

Maafkan aku, jika karena aku air mata kalian terkuras sia-sia...
Sehingga, air itu jarang keluar ketika Shalat Malam...

Untukmu, wahai yang dirahmati...
Maafkanlah, makluk yang lemah ini...

Dari, ...
Aku yang alfa...


Aku melangkah dengan langkah indahku untuk ke luar rumahku agar aku dapat menatap langit yang biru...
Dengan membawa Indahnya senyuman yang menggambarkan begitu besar CintaMu...
Senyuman yang dapat bercerita tentang indahnya Mahabbah Rabbku...
Keindahan yang tidak mampu dapat ditorehkan oleh tinta...
Atas Karunia Rabbku, aku mampu mempermanis manisnya senyum Indahku...
Agar dapat membawakan suatu gambar yang lebih Indah kepadamu tentang Keindahannya...
Karena aku tak mampu dapat menggoresnya pada sebuah kertas...
Aku datang dengan membawa segengam senyum di bibirku...
Agar dapat menggambarkan kepadamu tentang Indahnya Karunia itu melalui senyuman Indahku...
Sebagai bingkisan dariku kepadamu, Wahai jiwa-jiwa tenang yang penuh ketentraman...
Sehingga berpijarlah Karunia yang menghiasi dunia dengan Selendang Cahayanya...
Karunia yang hendak memberikan ketentraman bagi jiwa-jiwa yang tenang...

Yaa Rabb, tak ada dariku yang dapat melukiskan MahabbahMu, Kecuali Senyuman Indah ini...
Maka, Izinkanlah Senyuman ini dapat menjadi pena yang dapat melukiskan Indahnya MahabbahMu di Tempat aku berpijak...
Hingga Karunia itu dapat menguatkan pijarnya lagi ketika sempat terlelap dalam padamnya...
Allahuma Amiiin...

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Muslima is her name

You hide away in your garment. Mysterious sister... Walking this earth so patiently
calm and gentle. The wind blows upon her clothes and she continues walking with a flow
Respectable, Acceptable. The presenter of the ummah
Walking on earths hard pavement and bitter society
Faces the evil faces and harassment of man kind
abused verbally & physically but that does not make her
Step out the line.It Makes her want to continue and think theirs alot more
It motivates her when you abuse her right in front of her door
you encourage to see what the world is for.
she knows that there is a struggle. She is willing to complete it
She knows that there is a pain before believe so is willing to receive it
she knows before the imaan brightens her heart and tickles her emotions with
feathers and blossom of joy, that she shall go into a battle with her self
and in her head their shall be alot of noise
noises from her nafs & the shaytan
no one knows what she looks like all the they know is
that she is an extra-ordinary kind.
they say that treasure is hidden so you have to find
they say that the ocean is a new world that has not fully been
searched and theirs more to see yet again they sail ships through the atlantic
and the red sea. Expecting nothing then a safe journey.
The islamic woman relates to this more then you know
she is the most beautiful woman. Yet nobody knows
she can be the most known woman but when covered up it does not show
Her identity states the member of the ummah the sister in islam
gods follower. what more do you want thats highest complement
in this dunya. Masha allah
Covered sister, nobody knows what your about besides your sisters
the brothers respect you in so many ways that they do not say anything
that is unnecessary in any other way.
Beautiful symbol of islam,Your nuur
shows right through the veil. Showing that
allah is most kind and he chose this beautiful veil
as part of the deen if he did not love us. he would
make us barbarians and live uncovered with no shame. The purpose of appearance is important
what you dress is what you are the old folks say you dress in any other way
that is not islam, you doing it for a reason that is not islam
for those sisters who are struggling to practice islam
start with your appearance & behavior that is the steps to islam.


Salaat is a basic pillar of islam
It is mentioned again and again in the Quran
The importance of prayer is in seven hundred places
But in the mosque,do you see many young faces?
Praying in the mosque gives 27 times the reward
Pray with the intention that you're pleasing your Lord
When you walk to the mosque,just remember within
You gain a reward and you're losing a sin
For every step towards your destination
This is a blessing from Allah swt to his creation
The Quran has foretold, that before you are dead
`say your prayers before your prayers are said'
our prophet saws said about those who miss prayer
fifteen punishments they'll have to bear
six in this life,three on passing away
three in the grave and three on judgement day
for missing fajr at the start of the day
the glow of the face is taken away
The punishment for missing the salaat of Dhuhar
there will be no blessing from your income no more
for missing asr, the middle prayer of the day
the strength of the body is taken away
by missing maghrib, remember one thing
you will not be benefited by your offspring
for missing ishaa at the end of the day
the peace of your sleep will be taken away
While seeing elders pray at the mosque door
remember as a young person, your reward is 70 times more
read salaat punctually, read it with care
on judgement day, we will be asked about prayer
that's the first question, so take this advice
salaat is the key to paradise
Spread this word to muslim sisters and brothers
salaat will separate muslims from others
salaat is a blessing which Allah swt gave
it will intercede and protect us in the grave
when it comes eventually, to the day of rising
the believers body washed by wudu will be shining
for the believers who are regular in offering salaat
it becomes a light of guidance on the pul-siraat
Don't miss the prayer asr at any cost
it will be like your family and wealth is lost
the ayat-ul-kursi after fard, should be read
it will lead you to paradise (insha Allah) after you're dead
not reading salaat will lead you to hell
surrounded by serpants in a deep well
Read your salaat whilst still in your prime
and read the durood shareef in your spare time
you'll get ten rewards, the Lord (insha Allah) will accept your pleas and you'll be closer to Allah swt by ten more degrees
so embrace islam with all your heart and remember the key is reading salaat


Who knows who is a mother!
We Have Lot of Respect on her
Who knows who is a mother
We have lot of mercy on her
Who knows who is a mother
We have lot of love on her
She is mother; she is mother, our mother, my mother, loved mother.
If we keep counting, our tongue gets tired, but not my work done by her.
Paradise is on her foot step.
The love which she gives is like a diamond stone.
The smile of her love is like sun to earth.
Her work is like, machine and robots.
She always work throughout the day, she will not show her tiredness.
She will take care of my health, but not herself….
Do we know who, who, who…..
She is mother; she is mother, our mother, my mother, loved mother
She kept me in her stomach for 9 months.
She managed the pain, she loved me, and I loved her
Who is she? She is mother; she is mother, our mother, my mother, loved mother
She makes me clean and fresh, and removes all dirt from her own hands
She shown me the prophet (PBUH) ways and made me the good citizen
Oh RAQEEM! Take care of your mother and build house in paradise
She is mother; she is mother, our mother, my mother, loved mother.


I will never let go of my deen
I will be as the prophet saw had been,
All Muslims ask for my advice
And inshallah they will go to paradise.
All the nonbelievers who did not take my advice
Will go to hell not paradise,
Allah keeps all the Muslims away from the jinn
And in return the Muslim keep away from any sin.
Everyone holds onto an unseen line
People destroy their line by drinking alcohol and wine,
I would never become a Christian pope
Even if they hanged me on a rope.
Allah swt looks down
and he can see every single little town,
ALLAH can see the elephant
To the tiny ant
My deen is so precious to me even if i am dead or alive
If the kafir said change your ways i would kill myself and dive.
Allah is the sustainer and is only one
Even the mightiest soldier would run,
I will never have let go of my deen
And all the muslims shall have seen.